MYRIAD story

The MYRIAD brand is not a soulless idea of a large corporation. Its story is also a very personal story of my life.

Since I remember, I take apart everything that I could and even what i couldn’t, just to see how i works and what can be done out of its parts. I graduated in engineering studies with honors, but I did not find a job in my profession. I got to work as an engineer in a corporation where a lot of people talked about new challenges and opportunities, but the talk ended.

“A few days ago I saw a wooden bike on television . It looked interesting”

I remember this one moment as if it was yesterday. It was June, Sunday, dinner with my in-laws. His whole life father in law worked as a furniture carpenter. At one point he said, “A few days ago I saw a wooden bike on television . It looked interesting”. At first I could not imagine it but it did not give me peace. As soon as I got home, I seached “wooden bike” in the internet and then saw. At the moment I knew what I really wanted to do in my life.

I made the challenge that I would make a wooden frame myself. There is no guide on the Internet how to do it step by step, so I had to come up with everything myself. Collecting technical information about the materials, bikes, production technology and designing itself took me several long months of work in the evenings. After several months of work in wood, the first effects were visible. At the same time, our daughter was born and the world collapsed. The first month of her life we spent in the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. We left hospital, but it took us nearly two years to return to a normal life. Nevertheless, once I took up the challenge, it did not give me peace. In the evenings, I worked on my project a little bit. After hundreds of hours spent in the workshop, it finally succeeded.

The first rides confirmed my conviction that it was worth it. It was my little success. I started to realize of the possibilities that this technology brings. I realized that what I did was not just an “extraordinary bike”. These are new opportunities for every cyclist who has the courage to take on new challenges and implement them.

I went too far to give up and at the same time I did not have eniugh strength to accomplish it.

The prototype’s road test was successful, so I started thinking about production seriously . I spent the next months developing, designing, simulating and testing. Everything has been thought out and matched to meet one challenge: to provide the highest level of comfort on the road bike. Building another prototype went according to plan until the moment where my wife became ill. The entire ambitious plan was ruined again. Her return to health lasted months. Her recovery took months. I went too far to give up and at the same time I did not have eniugh strength to accomplish it. I was burned out. In fairy tales at such moment comes a fairy and the touch of a magic wand will change the whole situation. Only that I was not in a fairy tale but in reality. The only person who could do anything at the time was myself. I knew I had to overcome. I would never forgive myself for not trying.

It was not easy to overcome my weaknesses, but it succeeded. I built another bike. Strength and road tests were successful. I knew the bike would meet the expectations of demanding riders. I also proved myself that I can reach my goal. The brand I created called MYRIAD. You already know what the word means.  For me, it means a distant goal, which I have reached and further goals to which I will reach.

Remember that everything you dream about is on the other side of fear and uncertainty.

Krystian Lemkowski – MYRIAD BIKES founder

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