How is a wooden bike made


MYRIAD bikes have been designed to bring the greatest possible comfort and pleasure in riding. The geometry allows everyone to find the right fit and assume a comfortable position. The classic frame shape is the result of numerous hours spent strength and weight optimization. The unique appearance of the bike comes from combination of various types and colours of wood.

Each frame begins its life on a computer screen. Specialized software enables virtual prototyping and testing. Many ideas are eliminated at this stage. Only the best are developed further until the final design is reached.


Wood has been used to build machines, furniture, buildings and many other things for hundreds of years. Even the very beginnings of bicycles are associated with this material. Today, the development of production technology, simulation capabilities, and auxiliary materials such as adhesives and varnishes can re-discover the wonderful properties of wood and use its strengths to its full potential.

From the technical point of view, wood does not differ significantly in composition from the uni-directional carbon fiber, which is the basic material of carbon frames. Like carbon fiber, it can have different stiffness modules, and tensile strengths. The biggest difference in favour of wood is its natural origin. The trees have grown on Earth for millions of years, and they have constantly evolved and perfected the process of opposing the forces of nature. Exposure to wind, blowing with different strength and from different directions, has developed wood’s perfect ability to absorb vibrations in trees. This is what makes the wooden frame so stiff and durable.

MYRIAD bike’s frames are made of different species of wood. This allows to optimize its vertical and lateral stiffness. In other words, the stiffness of the seat tube area can be reduced, while increasing the lateral stiffness of the entire frame. Moreover, the wood used for the frames is carefully selected. The hue, grain pattern and many other factors of its quality are important. Each plank is checked for durability before use. Only the best can be used for frame construction.

Carbon fiber

To achieve the lowest possible weight, the MYRIAD frame is hollowed inside, exactly like a carbon frame. The rear chain stays and optional seat stays are also hollowed. Frame walls are as thin as possible and are-reinforced from inside in critical areas with a carbon fiber composite. Caron fiber composite increases torsional stiffness and durability in important areas of frame, while on the outside, you can see only the beauty of wood.


The MYRIAD frames have been designed to work with typical bicycle components such as the groupsets, brakes, wheels, etc. Therefore, aluminum is also used for their construction. Aluminum inserts are important elements connecting wood with bike components. They are made of an alloy commonly used in the aerospace industry, chemically treated and fastened to the frame with the highest quality adhesive.

Resins and varnishes            

The construction of a wooden frame is possible thanks to the use of the best adhesives and varnishes. The resins used on the frame are also used in plane construction. On the outside, wood is protected from weather conditions in the same way as wooden yachts and boats. Thanks to this you can use the bike in any weather. The wood will remain in perfect condition for years.


All MYRIAD frames are manufactured in Poland. Despite the use of modern machines, it is without doubt, a handmade production. Each frame consists of at least 27 wood elements, 12 metal, carbon fiber, different types of resins, adhesives, varnish and more. All this should be precisely combined to make a comfortable, durable and beautiful bike. That’s why it’s a very time-consuming and expensive process. For example, only waiting until the resin cures takes almost a month. Handmade production also has an important advantage – the quality of the final product is controlled continuously, so the frames can be made to perfection.

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