In MYRIAD we are building the most comfortable road bikes in the world and we know all about it. If you have any questions please check the following list of frequently asked questions or just contact us.

  1. Will MYRIAD bike actually reduce my fatigue? Yes. Thanks to the fact that the bike operates as a team of matched components it absorbs a huge part of the vibrations that would be transferred to you in a conventional bike. It radically improves riding comfort especially on contact points: the saddle and handlebars.
  2. Who are MYRIAD bicycles for? Everyone. Our bicycles have been designed with special focus on comfort. It is a very important feature of long-distance bikes, but you can use it for short distances as well. After all, a quick local trip can also be comfortable. Furthermore, we highly recommend MYRIAD bikes for people after injuries or senior riders, where bike comfort is fundamendal.
  3. How to choose the right frame size for me? To help you with selecting the right frame size, we have a table matching user’s height to the frame geometry. If you are in the middle of a given range, your choice is easy. If you’re on the edge of the ranges then you can choose a smaller size and get a more upright position, or a bigger one and get a more aerodynamic position. In addition, each bike is equipped with headset spacers which allow you to adjust the handlebar height. If you have any doubts about the right frame size, then the best solution is to use your local bike fitting services. That is highly recommended and the most effective way of determining the right frame size. During bike fitting, you also have the option of choosing the proper stem length, crank length, handlebar width and saddle shape. The correct setting of these elements also affects your ride comfort, that’s why we recommend to use bike fitting services as a starting point.
  4. What if the bike does not meet my expectations? There is user manual delivered with your bike. Firstly, check if everything is well set up and working properly. Is you still are not satisfied, remember that you have the right to return the undamaged bike within 14 days and get a full refund of the costs incurred.
  5. Does the bike require any special maintenance? No. MYRIAD bikes are serviced like any other bikes. You can do it yourself using the provided manual or in any professional bike service. If you want, you can also send us the bike for service. Also, if you have any questions, we will try to help online.
  6. Does wooden frame require any special treatment? No. The frame does not require any special service or care. It can be used both in summer and winter, in the sun and rain. It can be washed and cleaned with standard methods and cleaning agents. Remember that you should not wash your bike with a high-pressure washer because as it can lead to faster bearing wear. We only recommend storing your bike in a shaded, dry and warm place. Direct sunlight causes darkening of the wood and varnish over time. It is a natural process and has no impact on frame quality.
  7. Why is the delivery time so long? Frame manufacturing takes the majority of the delivery time, especially wood selection and preparation. Wood is a natural material and each board has its own grain pattern and humidity. It takes time to obtain uniform and stable parameters of each board. Only slow drying allows to equalize moisture content and reduce natural internal stresses. Any acceleration of this process has a negative impact on wood quality, and thus the quality of the entire bike.
  8. Is it possible to order a bike with a different specification? Yes. You can easily change elements such as the saddle, stem, handlebar, wheels, etc. In the case of the groupset, each change requires verification of compatibility with the frame. In this case, please contact us.
  9. What is the weight of a ready to ride bike? The weight depends on frame size and specification. For example: BIHEXUM Ultegra version is about 8.9 kg (without pedals). It is heavier than a typical bike with a carbon frame and similar specification, but each additional gram has its own task – to increase your riding comfort. The frame itself, without a fork, weighs about 2100g.

Want to read more? Check out our blog. You can find there more detailed technical information and interesting facts about the manufacturing process. You can also share your ideas, insights and comments there. Every opinion is valuable to us!