There is one task: to give you the greatest possible ride comfort. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to minimize the vibrations transmitted from the ground to the cyclist. There are four key areas that need to be addressed:

They are the what separates the bike (and yourself) from the unevenness of the ground. For good vibration absorption characteristics, their width should be equal to 28mm or greater, and the pressure matched to the rider.

For the best fit we will always involve you in the process of choosing the saddle. You can select your preferred model or use our help in the selection. The saddle you choose will be connected to the frame by a special adjustable-stiffness suspension seatpost, helping to minimize the vibration transferred to the rider.

The handlebar is covered with a thick, soft-touch bar tape and gel pads to give you a comfortable grip. The handlebar and the bike are connected with an adjustable-stiffness suspension stem. The stiffness can be matched individually according to your weight and riding style.

This is the heart of every MYRIAD bike. The wooden frame dampens the vibrations and prevents them from transferring to other elements. For the rider, this means that low-amplitude and long-lasting vibrations from the ground, that affect the riding comfort, are absorbed by the tires and the frame. Furthermore, larger impacts and unevenness of the road are eliminated by the suspension system hidden in the seatpost and stem.


Frame is the heart of the bike. The wood from which it is made is a perfect vibration damper. The frame is sufficiently stiff and durable to meet your expectations, and to transfer your entire power directly on the wheel.

The wooden frame shows similar stiffness and strength to carbon fiber frame, with high end vibration damping ability.

This extraordinary combination of properties and craftsmanship ensures the highest level of vibration damping. The vibrations are felt as discomfort while driving.

Each piece of wood has its history, pattern and color. There are no two identical boards, and there are no two identical bikes. All of this results in a bike that is not a soulless mass product. It discreetly stands out in the crowd with its individuality.

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