You are determined to exceed it. To go further, longer, faster. Until the moment when pain and tiredness are the only things you can focus on. In that moment, there is only one thing you expect from your bike: to be more comfortable.

MYRIAD, as the world’s first , establish a new standard: Super Endurance road bikes

The weakest link on the way to the goal is your body, so you need to take care of it. Your riding comfort is the most important, that’s why MYRIAD bicycles were developed.

If you want to see what powers our passion and determination read the story of MYRIAD BIKES.

MYRIAD is a word derived from the ancient Greek and means “ten thousand” or a “very large number”. It was used to describe the limits of what can be imagined. Today, this word takes on a new meaning. It means that the limit of your possibilities is farther away than ever before.